Arachné Database

The compilation of a tapestry-maker database Establishing and compiling a database, is not an end in itself, but is fundamental, since the data collected and exploration of the relations between them will be an essential basis for reflection on the occupation of tapestry-making and will enrich thinking on the process of tapestry creation and on the correspondence between the art and the place of its use. The collected data will be exploited by way of programs dedicated to the analysis and reconstruction of social networks. The larger the database, the more productive the reflection. While initially restricted to program participants, the database will then in part be made publicly accessible through specialized operatives in forms appropriate to use for information, or for more entertaining museum activities. The proposed database seeks to bring together information on tapestry-makers, chiefly with regard to networks, on the production and the marks of merchants and craftsmen, in order to make possible an analysis of social, familial and professional networks, to refresh the approach to the tapestry-maker’s work and to distinguish better the role of the artisan and/or the dealer in the creation process. The database is a tool that will facilitate the analyses anticipated in the different axes of the program. The information on the database will be of three kinds: 1) biographical details of tapestry-makers and their families 2) commercial information, which will facilitate understanding of tapestry-makers’ professional relations and productions, and reconstruction of their commercial catalogues 3) information on works in relation to tapestry-makers: tapestries related to their production, their location, and the marks found on them. Read more…


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